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Welcome to the CGR sequencing web site. Managed by Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc, CGR (Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory) is the dedicated genotyping service provider for NCI (National Cancer Institute). The rapid advancement of Next Generation (Next-Gen) sequencing technologies has made it feasible to genotype by large scale sequencing. This web site serves as the public portal to our genotyping data and analysis results generated by Next-Gen sequencing. To start, enter a query string on the search field of the left side bar or click any of the tabs above.


  • Projects: A list of current and past sequencing projects, with background information about each project. This is the entry point for searching project-specific data.
  • Region: Genomic region data(Sequences, SNPs and Genes) are graphically presented. Allele frequencies, assay conditions and individual genotypes are displayed.
  • Publication: References for projects and studies that have been published.
  • SNP500Cancer: SNP500Cancer project background, SNP list search and HLA results.
  • Help: Region search capabilities and region view features.


We hope you find the sequencing web site useful. For more information, contact Dr. Meredith Yeager at For technical assistance, contact the Webmaster.