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Welcome to the CGF sequencing web site. Managed by SAIC-Frederick, CGF (Core Genotyping Facility) is the dedicated genotyping service provider for NCI(National Cancer Institute). The rapid advancement of Next Generation (Next-Gen) sequencing technologies has made it feasible to genotype by large scale sequencing. This web site serves as the public portal to our genotyping data and analysis results generated by Next-Gen sequencing. To start, enter a query string on the search field of the left side bar or click any of the tabs above.


  • Projects: A list of current and past sequencing projects, with background information about each project. This is the entry point for searching project-specific data.
  • Region: Genomic region data(Sequences, SNPs and Genes) are graphically presented. Allele frequencies, assay conditions and individual genotypes are displayed.
  • Publication: References for projects and studies that have been published.
  • SNP500Cancer: SNP500Cancer project background, SNP list search and HLA results.
  • Help: Region search capabilities and region view features.


We hope you find the sequencing web site useful. For more information, contact Dr. Meredith Yeager at For technical assistance, contact the Webmaster.