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We have a number of active or finished sequencing projects that aim to produce a comprehensive catalog of common genetic variations in targeted genomic regions. A brief description and status for each project are listed here.
ChromosomeSequenced RegionNumber of SNPsTitleDownload
8128403817-128540619 780 Comprehensive resequence analysis of a 136 kb region of human chromosome 8q24 associated with prostate and colon cancers Project 1 (chr8:128403817-128540619)
10 51547190-51644268 259 Comprehensive resequence analysis of a 97 kb region of chromosome 10q11.2 containing the MSMB gene associated with prostate cancer Project 2 (chr10:51547190-51644268)
19 51328016-51384230 630 A comprehensive resequence analysis of the KLK15-KLK3-KLK2 locus on chromosome 19q13.33 Project 3 (chr19:51328016-51384230)